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A New Image: Peterson Progression

Over the past few years, Peterson Insurance Group has gone through many transitions. From Eirene Peterson Burnette becoming the new owner, to a new building and most recently a new logo and website! At times we all know change can be hard, but these transitions have all been nearly seamless, proving to our team and our community that we were ready for each and every one of them!

New Building

Our new building has been here for just a little over a year now, yet we haven't been able to properly celebrate it quite yet due to COVID-19. After a few moves and then our small house office, we are pleased to be in this large and welcoming space! We look forward to inviting you all to it soon. Stay tuned!

New Logo

Peterson Insurance Group never truly had a logo, more just our name and contact information shared on pens, business cards and our exterior sign. Now, with some inward reflection, we have a logo that represents legacy, family, growth and truth. The tree symbolizes not only a family tree but also roots, strength and protection. The sprout represents both Stom transitioning out and Eirene stepping in as well as the continued growth of a nearly 20 year old business! We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

New Website

Our new website is here to better serve you! From FAQs to Bill Pay, we've got it all here for you! And in the coming weeks, we plan to start to fill our blog with helpful resources. You may have noticed links to Facebook and Instagram. You can learn from us there as well! We are not only sharing insurance tips and information but also details about our favorite local businesses, events and places to visit.

We are beyond grateful for your years on continued support of our once small family business. We are thrilled to be serving you and our entire community for 20 more years to come!

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