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New Residents: Smart Checklist

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

First, who is moving here? Many out of state families, that's who. Over the last few years Asheville has seen a significant increase in new residents. Many of the residents are coming here from California, Texas, New York and of course, Florida. Families are attracted to our area's weather (all four seasons and none too extreme) as well as the family friendly atmosphere and access to all kinds of outdoor adventures. Lifestyle over workstyle has become front and center especially with digital nomads who can work from anywhere and more local businesses offering remote working capabilities.

Second home, investment income seekers

Aside from those moving here as permanent full-time residents, we also are getting a lot of 2nd home residents who live here seasonally and use their home as investment income with short term and long term rentals.

Whatever reason has called you to our mountains, we've put together a simple insurance checklist to review once you've unpacked.

#1 Purchasing a Home and need Proof of Insurance?

Don't wait until the last minute... You've worked hard and invested in your new home or property. You don't want a small thing such as a proof of insurance coverage creating any delays. We've made it easy for you ~ submit this form through our website.

#2 Change of Address?

Whether you moved across town or from out of state, you'll need to update your insurance coverage with that information. A change of address can impact your rates and types of coverage offered, especially if coming from a different state. Moving across town can change the rate on your car insurance and home. You can also use our Customer Request portal and submit your change there!.

#3 Renovations?

Home renovations was one of the side effects of staying home these last two years. From complete remodels to finally tackling home improvement projects like adding on decks or new garages, it seemed everyone was busy doing something. Don't forget, you'll want to let your agent know of these upgrades and changes so they can update your policies.

Recently relocated to the Asheville area? Whether you've moved here from out of state or reside seasonally, here's a basic checklist to review once you've unpacked.

#4 Life Insurance Updates

Life happens pretty quickly and sometimes we forget to update our most important documents like life insurance policies and estate plans. If you married, divorced, welcome new ones to the family, you'll want to be sure to update your life insurance. In addition, you'll want to be sure to update your estate planning documents especially if you still have out of state concerns.

#5 Drivers License

This one gets overlooked quite a bit. New residents to North Carolina should get their license and tags changed within 60 days of establishing permanent residence. Visit the NC DMV website for more details and to book your appointment. Helpful tip: there are forms you will need before you go! Check the details on the website before making your trip!

We hope this helps you get settled in. Welcome to the neighborhood!


Peterson Insurance Group is a family owned and operated independent insurance agency representing multiple companies located in Weaverville, NC. Founded in 2001, the company is owned by Eirene Peterson-Burnette, the successor to the founder, Stom Peterson. Together, with her team, Peterson Insurance provides exceptional, personal service guiding customers through the maze of insurance options. Visit us at 1 South Main Street Extension, Weaverville, NC 28787 or call 828-645-8777.

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