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Thank you, Weaverville, for Your Generosity!

October 15th was a successful day for Peterson Insurance Group and Manna Food Bank. We couldn't be more grateful and proud to be a part of such a wonderfully generous community. From the sunny warm weather to socializing with friends over food truck grub -- needless to say, it was a great day and our fall Manna food drive was a big win for everyone!

Donations Recap:

All in all, our event was a huge hit and we are so glad to be helping supply food to those in need. Here's our final count:

  • We raised 100lbs. of food donated by all the folks who stopped by in person. In return, Jim's Rollin Food Truck fed them a free lunch, hotdogs, bbq, beans, and slaw. Boy was it delicious!

  • We're proud to announce we filled up the food barrel

  • Total funds: $70 (dip jar) + $200 (online) + $200 (cash) $50 (Facebook) = $520

  • Peterson Insurance matched the $520 making the TOTAL = $1,040

How Will This Help Our Community?

The total funds raised was $1,040 -- which will provide enough food for 3,760 MEALS to our WNC community! The 100lbs. of food donated in the barrel will also feed approximately 8 families. It's remarkable what a community can do when we come together for the greater good. We couldn't be more grateful to all of you who came out to support this cause.

Lastly, we'd also like to thank Jim for providing a tasty lunch, the Weaverville Business Association for helping us promote this event through their channels and a huge thank you to Dina Carden, our ALFAC representative for bringing bags and bags of food to help fill the barrel.

Overall, we are more than pleased and we can't wait to do this all again soon! Stay tuned for our next community event to happen in January -- A coat and blanket drive is being planned with the ABCCM organization. We'll see you then!

If you'd like to make a financial contribution to Manna Food Bank, here is their donation page.

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