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What makes us independent? 3 Characteristics of Peterson Insurance Group

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

What does it mean to be an "Independent" insurance agency and how does that help our customers?

Multiple Insurance Companies, Not One

As an independent insurance agency, we represent multiple insurance companies. That means we can provide flexible options for you instead of only options from one company.

Multiple Policies: Flexible Options

Many of our clients need more than one insurance policy; they need auto, homeowners, life insurance and business insurance coverage. We can provide estimates to suit your budget and needs from multiple carriers rather than just one carrier.

Unique Needs: Hard to Place Coverage

In today's world businesses became more creative about their remote work situations, allowing employees to setup home offices. They also became more creative in their business environments combining different businesses under one roof - restaurant with short term vacation rental unit upstairs, for example. We call this "hard to place" insurance because the insurance is not standard. We can provide options for coverage since we represent so many insurance companies which means we can draw upon their multiple types of coverage.

Ultimately, being independent means we can meet your budget, your lifestyle, work-style and business-style. We can often cover hard to place insurance needs and most importantly, we provide personal service in-person, over the phone or via email.

Here are some of the insurance companies we represent:


Peterson Insurance Group is a family owned and operated independent insurance agency representing multiple companies located in Weaverville, NC. Founded in 2001, the company is owned by Eirene Peterson-Burnette, the successor to the founder, Stom Peterson. Together, with her team, Peterson Insurance provides exceptional, personal service guiding customers through the maze of insurance options. Visit us at 1 South Main Street Extension, Weaverville, NC 28787 or call 828-645-8777.

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